Sunday, March 8, 2009

potato people, deadly housewives and moussaka

recent happenings with the unnasches...
we had a BBQ with our newlywed, church class at a beautiful house on lake austin and made these wonderful potato head creations! our group won the potato creation competition.
here, sam and robin are acting out a "skit" when our group presented our potatoes to the other groups.
the skit was hilarious! potato tarzan saved jane from a huge snake in the jungle and then, it was happy ever after!
"kiss the spud" potatoes
bride and groom potatoes. we are loving our newlywed class and the fun people we have met in our small group!
anna and i hanging out while at the "deadly housewives" murder mystery dinner. the murder mystery dinner takes place once a month at spaghetti warehouse!
the show takes place throughout your dinner.
i love desperate housewives so this show was perfect to grab my attention!
adam and i recently tried el greco, a greek taverna.
here are our tasty dinners. the all-meat platter (with tasty meats like lamb) for adam and moussaka for me. if you haven't tried moussaka, i highly recommend it. it's a classic greek dish. it's made of meat, vegetables and eggplant. sounds terrible, tastes de-lish.
i loved hearing the greek music in the background and talking to the friendly, greek owner! thanks for thinking of me and finding the restaurant for us, adam!
moussaka, anyone?


College and Maddox said...

Laura! I miss you! Sounds like you have been busy - the Greek restaurant sounds great!!!

Toodus said...

Glad to hear the BBQ went well...bummed Liv and I missed it!