Sunday, February 14, 2010

hApPy HeArT dAy

over at kelly's korner, the topic of "show us your life" for this week is: special valentine's days. this valentine's was definitely special to me!
happy valentine's day to you! we definitely had a great time thanks to adam.
adam set up a scavenger hunt throughout the house. here, i am holding one of the gifts, a reese's pieces. each stop had a special gift/message like "your car will be cleaned and vacuumed." adam was so creative how he set up the scavenger hunt!

the last message said to go to the dining room. when i walked in, there was a delicious meal that adam had worked on all day. a traditional czech dinner complete with czech music. roast and dumplings. yum, yum. adam knows i love learning about different cultures and i love trying different foods, so it was perfect! why czech? we just got a czech cook book from his aunt and adam's mom's side is czech.

my gift to adam--a verse a day until march.

after dinner, we went to the movies. we saw valentine's day.

here's one more festive pic for the day! a picture of my classroom.

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