Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Frugal Fall Y'all

Decorating on a dime (or so) for Fall.
I {heart} banners, so I just had to make a Fall one. I got scrapbook paper from the $1 section at Target, cut them into triangles and hung the triangles with ribbon I already had! Tah-dah!
I made a little framed leaf decoration using an old frame I already had and taping 2 leaves from the Dollar Tree to a black piece of paper.
I made a little U with a $2 paint-it-yourself U and $2 dry moss from Hobby Lobby.

I also made a "pearly pumpkin" to match the wreath. I used left over string of pearls from the wreath to make round pearly polka dots on the pumpkin. I ran out of the pearls before I was finished, but oh well!

Ah, I love Fall! I love decorating with Fall colors.

more dining room decor.

A parent gave me this cute little turkey a few years ago. Perfect centerpiece for the dining room!

One of my favorites of Fall is the owl. [There are owls on the ribbon, you just can't really see them!]

Even though it hasn't really felt like it, Happy Fall Y'all!

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testing testing 1 2 3

love your blog laura! you're so crafty!