Saturday, July 26, 2008

adam and i have been married for 1 month!

here we are at enchanted rock in fredricksburg the first month we started dating. "i have found the ONE my heart loves." ~song of songs 3:4
adam and i have been married for ONE month and it is amazing how much our lives have changed, all in a good way, just in a month.

in order to celebrate, adam just told me he has a suprise weekend getaway planned! i cannot figure out where in the world (well, actually, where in TEXAS) we could be going. the only hint: it's THREE hours from austin.

does anyone have a guess of where you think he could be taking me? i guessed the riverwalk but that's not three hours away.
if you have a guess, please let me know!


annalee said...

ooh, i love a good guessing game!
3 hours away could be dallas area, houston area, or maybe y'all are going to the great city of abilene:)

laura marie said...

wow, i didn't realize that abilene was only 3 hours away? very cool! hehe=) i did hear that they have great sno cones there!

Jenn said...

Congratulations Laura! I missed your shower b/c of maternity leave, but I hope that all went well. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful!

College and Maddox said...

maybe you are coming to FW? If you drive really fast it is only 3 hours :)

Anonymous said...

My bet is on Boerne or Bandera.
P.S. I know why you do not have as many bloggers you would think...this is way to complicated to do.