Monday, July 21, 2008

my bachelorette weekend on lake travis

two weeks before the wedding, my friends and i got together for a bachelorette weekend on lake travis. my friends rented a lake house for me and we stayed there two nights. the weekend was one of my favorite times ever. we made great memories eating at the oasis and carlos-n-charlies, hanging out at the beautiful house and chatting, and boating. by the end of the second night, we were so tired. we stayed at the house and watched wedding movies, father of the bride and 27 dresses. they just happen to be two of my favorite movies!
thanks so much to anna, sara, amy beth, christina, nicole and amy for the amazing weekend! i know you all put a lot of work in planning and i couldn't have asked for a better time! i really appreciate all you did for me and most of all, i appreciate your friendship!

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cks said...

Who's that good lookin chica driving the boat? ;) Watch out for the helicopter!