Saturday, August 30, 2008

WaNt a TaStY tReAt iN hOnOr Of YoUr HaRd LaBoR (afterall, it's labor day, remember?)

try 1 of the 3 following places for an eXtra TASTY TREAT:

1. maria's taco Xpress. you hear the saying, "keep austin weird" but if you haven't been to maria's you may not know how "weird" austin REALLY is still. deep in the heart of south austin, you can eat authentic mexican food in a very free-spirit setting.
this place is a MUST if you live in austin and haven't been here yet. there is no other experience like maria's. it's a place where mexican food meets hippy meets indie meets gospel music.
maria's has live music on fridays and sundays. i thoroughly recommend going on SUNDAYS FROM 12-2. this is when they have their "gospel brunch/hippie church." no joke. that really is what it is called. you CANNOT miss it--REAL, i mean, REAL hippies doing their hippy dance to live gospel music while you are in the background eating your yummy tacos.
here are the REAL hippies doing their hippy dance. i didn't know REAL hippies still existed. when i think hippy, i think 70's. however, they are still around. they're just older now.
2. hey cupcake! if you are craving something sweet, head down to SoCo (s. congress) and stop at the cupcake stand. mmm-good cupcakes with fun names such as the "michael jackson" (chocolate bottom, cream cheese top). it'll make you giggle while settling your sweet tooth at the same time.
3. flip happy crepes. i have never actually been to flip happy crepes but have always wanted to and might be trying it out today. they serve breakfast and lunch crepes. they're only open wednesdays through saturdays though, so be careful when you go. i can't resist a french delight.

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