Friday, April 30, 2010

MiKe'S LeDgE

a couple of weekends ago, the skate park in seguin was re-opened and it was re-named mike's ledge in honor of my cousin, michael raetzsch.
unfortunately, it rained the day of the reopening...the skating competition was cancelled but the cutting ceremony still took place inside. there was a great show of support despite the weather.
michael's friends put together a touching video of michael doing what he loved most--skating. the video really highlighted michael's personality and brought smiles and tears to those watching. what a blessing to have such true friends.
mike's ledge is one of the things that will keep michael's memory alive.

thanks to my aunt and uncle, the seguin activity center and the seguin community for making this possible!

my aunt worked tirelessly in preparation of the big day. my aunt and uncle's positive attitude in being able to bring some good out of something tragic is such an inspiration. they will continue to work hard for michael's passion.

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Aaron (@aaronsu) said...

what a great tribute to your cousin