Monday, June 27, 2011

AlOhA, sUmMeRtImE!

i hosted our small group's first ever bunco this month. the theme: hAwAiIaN lUaU!

when guests first arrived they were given a "lei." you probably can't see but the sign on the plate says, "Hey, hey, have a LEI." hah.

we had a delicious hawaiian meal. the menu: grilled hawaiian chicken sandwiches on hawaiian sweet bread, coconut rice and fruit salad (mangos, kiwi, bananas and strawberries).

the sandwiches get their amazing flavor from teriyaki sauce and purple onions and grilled pineapples on top of the chicken.

your choice of different hawaiian punch flavors complete with an umbrella, of course!

homemade (and i didn't even burn them!) white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies.

let the games begin!

don't we look like we should be laying out on the beach somewhere sipping a fruity drink and relaxing?

we're more into the eating and social part of bunco...seeing as we only played 2 rounds. =)

the music: hawaiian and beachy. lauren was the d.j. of the night: she found hawaiian music on the internet for us to listen to!

can't wait 'til next month! i wonder what the theme will be?!

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