Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ghosts, goblins and graveyards...oh, my!!!

today, the kinder team was in charge of bringing snacks for the teacher meeting! we all chipped in our talents to make some tasty halloween treats. my talent lies in being able to get plates, cups and napkins from the store! luckily, my team members' abilities are beyond mine. here are some of the treats they made...
cathy's chocolate graveyard--D-lish!! chocolate pudding with crumbled oreos white, oval cookies on top. you can also see rachel's yummy pumpkin cookies.
jodena's ghosts--how cute are these! nutter butters with melted white chocolate on top
p.s. thanks deb, for letting me copy you on my post and letting me use your pics!


annalee said...

i just told debbie, but i am way impressed with you team!

Sara said...

It was SO delicious!! I couldn't get enough of those ghosts - what a great idea! I wish kinder could provide snacks every time.