Friday, October 17, 2008

our wedding pictures are finally here!

i finally got a CD of our wedding pictures! sorry that i posted so many, i just couldn't resist! i will post pictures of the reception later. here's the ceremony...
the big day
adam and i right after the wedding
here we are againme
my cousin alexander and i. he was the bible bearer.
my family
adam's family
my bridesmaids and i. adam's sister mandy, adam's brother's wife jennifer, anna, me, my cousin amy, and sara.
the entire wedding party. the only color i wanted to use besides white and black was gold, just a touch of gold. so, that is what the bridesmaids' dresses were.
my mom and oldest brother. i absolutely love my mom's dress.
the gals. i had a large hydrangea bouquet (my absolute favorite flower) and my bridesmaids had smaller versions of hydrangea bouquets.
the grooms had white calla lillies boot-n-ears.
my brother andrew, adam's cousin kyle, adam, adam's brother aaron, adam's friend brandon, my brother ted
my matron-of-honor, anna, and i
emanuel's lutheran church in seguin
my cousin alexander, adam and i's nephews rylan and caden. aren't they presh??
more hydrangeas

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Donna Raetzsch said...

Beautiful wedding! Best one I have been to. Mom