Friday, August 7, 2009

SHOW US YOUR LIFE: Wedding Receptions @ Kelly's Korner

it's reception time over at , so here's our reception. Or, should i say DANCE PARTY?!!!
rockin' the room during our father-daughter dance to my girl. my dad has good spirit fingers, don't you think? to watch the complete dance go to:
i think after this dance my dad realized a gift he didn't know he had before. is his real gift dancing?
pictures of our parents' and grandparents' weddings.
getting jiggy wid' it.
you go, christina!! nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
my photographers loved these three. they are literally in half the wedding pictures.
getting jiggy wid' it. again.
best band ever. nash hernandez orchestra.
favors that my mother-in-law made and were on each table for the guests.
i couldn't believe it but my photographers never took a picture of the table settings! that's what i wanted to see but, oh well.
we had three flower arrangements on the tables, all white flowers in three different sized vases throughout the room. also, not pictured, lovely, sheer chair covers--my fav.
let them eat cake!
sounds like an interesting convo, doesn't it?
off to jamaica, mon. tah-tah til we meet again!


Kelly V. said...

the cake looks delicious! funny - my photographer didn't take pictures of table arranagements either ... not even of the huge centerpiece on the buffet. oh well!

Deb said...

MY favorite part was the Father Daughter dance.

annalee said...

your reception was one of my favorite i've ever been to.

♥ sarah said...

i love the table with pictures of your parents and gradparents weddings! what a neat idea! beautiful pics!