Sunday, September 14, 2008

my favorite our home

black and white photos of family weddings on both sides of our family. the ones above: my parents' wedding, and my maternal and paternal grandparents' wedding
a putter frame given to us as a wedding gift
a cross i made adam for our wedding day
my blue and white everyday ware. anything blue and white i love.
flowers from adam
an "austin" snow-globe given to me a couple of years ago from a roommate. it's of downtown austin and includes the neatest details such as bats flying instead of "snow."
a blanket given to us by my maid-of-honor anna at a wedding shower. it has our wedding date on it! i LOVE anything personalized.
i am addicted to monogramming. i got our initial embroidered on our pillows.
several favorite things. 1. i love the off-white cake platter that i registered for. 2. i love the "U" cutting board that i registered for too! this is the same one that was part of "oprah's favorite things." 3. i even got our pot holder (the red one hanging up) embroidered with our initials on them. the embroidery store said that was a first for them! 4. the lovely trivet is from anna who made it for me. it has a picture that she took of greece when we went to greece a year ago!
monogrammed towels
the painting that hangs on our mantel. it was a wedding gift from my grandmother.


annalee said...

what beautiful things! you have mastered the art of making a house (or an apt) a home!

Deb said...

I love it all!! I have also become addicted to monogramming and having things personlized. It just makes things look so much nicer.