Saturday, September 20, 2008

travel in the states

ever since i took my first trip out of the states, i really prefer international travel. i love engrossing myself in culture, different culture, and learning about the history of a different country. it makes me understand my american life better by learning about how other places around the world are similar and different from the u.s.
however, with the economy the way it is and the american dollar losing value in other places around the world, this is not the time for international travel, at least for us. to fly internationally now is just not reasonable.
growing up, my family would take a vacation every summer to a place we hadn't been before. because of this, i feel like i have had the opportunity to travel to the places in the u.s. that i would want to go. i do know that if adam and i travel this year, it will probably be somewhere in the states. i started really thinking and there are a places that i haven't been and that i would like to see on the homefront...
new england
the carolinas
napa valley

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College and Maddox said... have to go to Sonoma/Napa - you will love it!!! Sean and I can't wait to go back....

Also - I am definitely loving blogging... :)

Sorry I had to go so quick on the phone - the tree guy called and I had to tell him that we do want him to come to start work tomorrow!! YAY!