Sunday, December 14, 2008

a fun-filled weekend

adam and i had a big birthday weekend to celebrate adam's 28th birthday.
we started out at manuel's for delicious fajitas and free birthday flan. then, we headed back to our place to make a gingerbread house. this is something that i would like to do every year.
here we are in front of our finished product.
on saturday, we ate a special breakfast treat on honor of the big day.
i think that smile on adam's face means he like it. or at least he's pretending to. hehe.
next, we headed to the hamilton pool preserve. it is a beautiful nature preserve in the hill country.
there's a natural water hole perfect for swimming.
i highly recommend the preserve for anyone who loves a scenic view and a nice walk.
then, we took a drive through the hill country (dripping springs, wimberly and canyon lake) on our way to seguin. when we got to seguin, of course we had to celebrate adam's birthday some more.
we headed over to my cousins's house to celebrate my cousin, michael's college graduation. here my cousin amy and i are.all of the raetzsch cousins. michael is the one next to me. congrats michael!
on sunday, we met up with adam's family to again celebrate adam's birthday but we forgot the camera! happy birthday, adam!!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday Adam

Christina said... creative you are with the pancakes! I have never seen that before. What are the chocolate things on the pancakes??